Health Insurance Basics

Residents of San Diego County are fortunate enough to be served by some the world’s best healthcare providers, but like everyone else in California they face a bewildering assortment of health insurance choices. When it comes to health insurance, there really is too much of a good thing. In fact, California health insurance companies offer many plans and options unknown to the average consumer.

That’s where Blanket Health Insurance comes in.

We know the way through the dizzying maze of choices, so we are able to identify the package of benefits that matches your needs and fits your budget. That can mean adopting a group health insurance strategy for your family even when you are no longer part of a group plan. Or it can mean enrolling various family members in separate health insurance plans. Blanket Health Insurance will pursue every avenue available to get you the health insurance you need at a cost you can afford. Here are some of the basics about health insurance in California, including San Diego County:

  1. Cost.

    Many people think that health insurance should pay for everything from bruises to brain scans. Such comprehensive coverage is possible, but it is not advisable. The purpose of health insurance is to keep your family out the poorhouse, not put it there. A health insurance policy should offer a wall of protection against major medical catastrophes, protecting you from the kind of expenses that can deplete your savings or even drive you into bankruptcy. Blanket Health Insurance will make sure that the health insurance plan you choose strikes a “happy medium” between coverage and cost, so you protect your family without busting your budget.

  2. Continuity.

    If you have a good relationship with a physician you have been seeing for a number of years, you might want to continue that relationship even if it means paying slightly more for health insurance. Blanket Health Insurance understands the importance of relationships, especially with family doctors and personal specialists. We will do the legwork required to find out what it will take to sustain your relationship with a health insurance policy you can afford. If your preferred physician does not belong to managed care network, such as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), or an IPA (Individual Practice Association), we will look into the practicality of a fee-for-service, or indemnity, health insurance plan. With indemnity health insurance, you are free to visit any doctor. The indemnity plan will pay for the majority of the cost-usually 80 percent-leaving you responsible for the balance. Also, if the doctor charges more than health insurance company’s “usual and customary” rates, you will be responsible for paying the difference. We take all of these factors into consideration in order to preserve your relationship with your doctor while remaining within your budget.

  3. Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

    A medical condition, such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, or cancer that has been treated or diagnosed prior to seeking a new health insurance policy is known as a “preexisting” condition. A California health insurance provider is allowed by law to set a waiting period before it will pay for expenses related to a preexisting condition. California health insurance companies even have the legal right to deny coverage for serious preexisting conditions. Often, the best solution for California residents is to enroll in a group plan. California law requires health insurance providers offering group health insurance plans within the state to cover preexisting conditions. Even if you are not employed, you may qualify to participate in a group health insurance plan. Blanket Health Insurance will help find or create a group plan that covers preexisting conditions and fits your family budget.

  4. Prescription Drug Coverage.

    If you or someone in your family takes prescription medications, you know that drug costs can be huge. When prescription drugs are part of your life, it is important to evaluate the medication coverage that a health insurance plan offers. A plan that restricts or excludes your medications can cost more in the long run than a more expensive plan. Vice-versa, the premiums for a plan that covers your medications could be so much higher than another plan’s that you would be better off paying for the drugs yourself. The pros at Blanket Health Insurance will fully analyze the prescription drug component to make sure get a plan that yields the lowest true cost.

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