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When it comes to our services and dedication, our clients say it best. Below you’ll find some testimonials from a few of our clients. If you want to submit your own, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking care of my dads insurance. We were lost as what to buy for him. He has had to use this insurance and as you said it was a very good plan and you were right it is. Thank you so much. Also it was a pleasure meeting you.
                                                                                                                               Shirley LeFebe


Thank you so much for assisting me and my daughter finding the right health insurance. We thought we would not be able to get my daughter (Jessica) insurance until you came into the picture. We truly appreciate everything you have done to make this possible. I am going to pass your name along to everyone.
                                                                                                Carolyn Pritchett


Thank you soooooo very much for getting me the best Medical Insurance. I have to tell you in October I was not feeling well – Anyhow I won’t go into making the story longer however I had to have so many tests – a horrible Neurologist and 2-3 weeks for an appointment , test after test and seldom right away . Anyhow I wont work with the Neurologist – another story – and my eye doctor found that I had a stroke. That sent me back to my primary and test but doing nothing. I now have the most fantastic Cardiologist & he doesn’t mess around & did the tests in his office so it didn’t take that long however when he saw what he saw, was I needed a Pacemaker & 3 days later I had a pacemaker put in. Dr. Robinson said had I waited one more week I would not be here. See what being pro-active does and I dismissed 2 doctors and got one fabulous doctor who knew how to read these tests, educate me and away we went. I say thank you again & again for the insurance you got for me. Had you not gotten me the great insurance, I would probably be dead by now. See, you are a great part of it due to your tenacity & therefore thank you for my life. Thanks again!


Cyril, Thank you for helping me decide what Medicare plan I needed. I was lost as what to do since they are not going to have the Freedom Plan anymore. I feel very confident about this new plan. You have always been very helpful whenever I have had question.
                                                    Peter Coles


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