About BlanketHealthInsurance.com in San Diego County

Located in the North County Inland area of San Diego County, Blanket Health Insurance is an independent health insurance agency led by Cyril Honz, Principal . We specialize in providing expert advice about health insurance, whether it results in a sale or not. If you have questions about health insurance, complete our online form or call Cyril at Blanket Health Insurance now.

We never oversell our clients on an expensive health insurance that provides far more coverage than needed. And we never undersell our clients with the least expensive health insurance plan just to get the business. We start with an assessment of each client’s needs, then look for a plan that provides the necessary coverage at the most affordable price. We pride ourselves on striking a balance between needs and costs, so clients neither overpay nor are underinsured.

Families in San Diego County and all of California lead active lives requiring the kind of affordable health insurance offered by Blanket Health Insurance.When you call Blanket Health Insurance, you will not be speaking with a telemarketer in a cubicle whose only concern is selling a health insurance policy. With Blanket Health Insurance, you will speak with a caring professional whose goal is to serve you, not sell to you. We will recommend the best solution for your family, and, should you choose to do business with us, we will work tirelessly to get you and your family the health coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.

If you have relocated to San Diego County, lost your health insurance due to unemployment, or are a first-time buyer who needs health insurance now, let us prepare a health insurance quote for you. All quotes are free and there is never any obligation. Call or complete a form today!

Get Affordable Health Insurance for you and your family today!